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About 1911 Open Sights

1911 Pistol Sights

Many 1911 manufacturers are shipping their pistols with decent sights, or at least better than those found on the old GI Colt.  If you carry, there are many things to consider regarding pistol sights, and lots of different options in after-market hardware. This is one of the better articles I have read on the topic of choosing 1911 open sights.  The author is experienced and knowledgeable,  and offers sound advice about night sights, as well as CCW considerations.

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Try Practical Pistol Shooting

Practical Pistol Shooting

The surge in popularity of Practical Pistol Shooting competitions over the last decade is undeniable. Unlike bulls eye competitions, they offer the participant the opportunity to train in realistic shooting scenarios, and to do so with one’s duty or defensive pistol. Performing in front of others, in a timed and scored competition sharpens the ability to shoot accurately under stressful conditions, which is something all responsible hand-gunners should strive toward. As an intro, check out this article on Practical Pistol Shooting. The authors answer common objections from new-comers to the sport, and provides helpful links to shooting competitions in your...

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The .45 ACP; A Very Brief History

.45 ACP Cartridge History

It can be argued that the story of the .45 ACP begins in 1892, with the adoption by the US Army of the Colt M1892 revolver in that year. The new Army/Navy M1892 sported a double action trigger, which was an improvement over the Single Action Army revolver it replaced. It was, however, chambered in .38 Long Colt, a much less powerful round than the .45 it relieved from duty, a fact that was soon to be lamented by US servicemen. The Philippine-American War Not long after the adoption of the new service sidearm, the US military became engaged in...

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Understanding 1911 Grip Sizes

1911 Grip Size

John Browning’s venerable pistol design, adopted by the US Army as the M1911, is available today in three broad configurations: the Government model, the Commander model, and the Officer model. This can lead to confusion when buying aftermarket products, as not all parts are interchangeable between the three models. The longevity of Mr. Browning’s design has also resulted in the adoption of some new safety features, which means some parts are not strictly interchangeable between guns of the same model produced at different times. It can be a bit confusing. Grip sizes are a somewhat simpler matter to sort out...

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